Ragdoll Gangs

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Ragdoll characters are where the conflict between the various gangs in the game Ragdoll Gangs get started. The game features two distinct game modes, which are referred to as the Adventure Mode and the Arena Mode, respectively.
In adventure mode, you play six stages. These levels feature a variety of diverse scenarios, such as fighting the enemy, flinging them from the top of a building, engaging in battle, and more.

This version of the game can only be played by one player at a time. You have the option to play the game solo or with a partner when you select the Arena game mode. In a single-player game mode, you face off against a computer-controlled avatar, and the battles in this form can be challenging.

You can compete against a friend on the same local computer if the game is set to two-player mode. Whoever gets three points on the board first wins the game!

How to play

Move with "W, A, S, D" if you're Player 1. "C" for Pickup/Throw/Activate; "V" for Punch; "B" for Kick. Run: "L-SHIFT"

Player 2: To move, use the arrow keys; to pick up, throw, or activate an item, press "I;" to punch or kick, press "O" or "P." Run: "R-SHIFT"; "L" to lock or unlock the cursor; "P" to pause.