Ragdoll Duel 2P

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In Ragdoll Duel 2P, you compete against your opponent to win the match. You both represent stick figures, and you are engaging in a perilous battle against one another.

Despite the formidableness of your firearms, there is a catch. Both of you appear to be extremely tired. Under these conditions of drowsiness, an attempt at a swaying gun duel is not possible. How do you prevail against insurmountable obstacles?

How to Play

Two-player and single-player modes are both viable. The goal of the duel is to eliminate your opponent with repeated gunfire. The character exhibits a sluggish gait and possesses excessively burdensome palms. To overcome this sluggish movement, fire twice using the spacebar or the left cursor button after tapping to fire.

By employing strategic and timely firing, defeat your adversary prior to their victory. To advance to the next level, you need to win three rounds before your opponent, whose round totals appear in the three squares above the energy indicator. To restore your health, simply select the heart icon. Additionally, you can increase your power level by clicking the bolt icon. By readying your hand for a swift strike, you can emerge triumphant from the duel.


Spacious 2D illustrations
Vitality and health enhancements
A feature enabling two-player participation Controls that are simple


(1) Player: "W"
Second player: "UP ARROW"