Push the Colors

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Prepare to embark on an exciting journey using vibrant blocks in Push the Colors. At the end of this exhilarating and epic competition, you will have surmounted formidable giants and obstacles.

Attempt to increase your strength by amassing cubes. Successfully navigating the labyrinth will require the implementation of a shrewd and intelligent playing strategy. Compete with other individuals or solo. Achieve victory over the formidable beast within these levels.

How to play

The goal is to transport the blocks to the level's conclusion before encountering the menacing behemoth that awaits them there. To achieve this, players will be required to collect cubes to level up and ultimately vanquish the menacing creature of various hues. Obtaining additional blocks enhances your potential. You must employ your strategic prowess to amass an infinite number of blocks to endure monstrous foes. Players must strategically navigate the convoluted levels to increase their cube count and, consequently, their likelihood of achieving victory. Engaging players in the game's universe through vibrant visuals and dynamic gameplay contributes to a thrilling and entertaining experience as they strive to accomplish the mission's objectives and complete each level. A hue monster's demise. Take pleasure in it!

 Player 1:

Left/right movement: "A and D" or "LEFT-RIGHT ARROW" (exclusively in 1P mode).
Press "W" or "UP ARROW" at the bottom (exclusively in 1P mode).
Player 2:

The term "arrow keys"
Transition to the left or right: "LEFT-RIGHT ARROW"
Finally, click "UP ARROW."