Pull The Pin 3D: Help Police

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Become a courageous police officer to apprehend offenders in Pull The Pin 3D: Help Police. You will have to complete tasks to apprehend an evading offender.

But there are a lot of simulated scenes, like zombies, thugs, and elaborately created pins, that will make it hard for you. To help the police accomplish their tasks, carefully pull the pins. Can you weld on how many levels?

How to play

Are you prepared for these intricate and challenging tasks involving the capture of criminals? A real police officer requires a wide range of talents. Players will recreate numerous intricately planned scenarios and numerous traps set by thieves in every level of this game.

It is your task to apprehend the runaway criminal. Keep an eye out for criminal traps and exercise caution. Carefully remove the pins in the proper order to make it easier to apprehend the offenders. Be cautious of robbers, undead, and potentially fatal traps. Keep that from happening! Finish each scenario throughout the levels. Enjoy yourselves!