Pool Diving Extreme

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Your ability to plunge high in the water has been put to the test in the Pool Diving Extreme workout. Make an observation and estimate the distance that he would have to leap to land in the pool.

It is possible to get additional points by landing a buoy or any other item in the pool. Unless you take precautions to avoid getting caught by nasty fish in the lake or outside the pool, you will end up losing. Demonstrate your ability to leap high by achieving victory at each stage.

How to play

Are you prepared to perform high leaps from the balcony of your hotel room? Diese is a game that will test your ability to jump high. The objective of this task is for you to perform a high leap from the balcony of the hotel to the swimming pool.

The initial leap will be made from the balcony on the first story, and then you will go to the second, third, and fourth stories. To manage the character and assist him in doing his high leap, simply drag a line across the screen.

It is important to ensure that your body touches the water; If you land in a buoy or any other item that is on the water, you will receive more points. Take careful note of the precise distance and location at which you touch down, and then compute it.

You will have to begin the process all over again if you do not avoid poor fish and regions that are outside the lake. To be successful in the game, you need to be able to watch and properly calculate as you are executing your leaps. Accomplish the levels in the most effective manner feasible.