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The action-packed horror video game Play Time - Toy Horror Store is a thrilling experience. It is your goal to survive the institution that is teeming with huggy and wuggies that are undead. Among the objectives of the player are the pursuit of things, the rescue of captives, and the elimination of as many Huggy Wuggies as is legally feasible.

How to play

There are a lot of horror Huggy-Wuggies lurking about here, just ready to pounce on you. They are going to show up out of nowhere and terrify the very daylights out of you. Initiating hostilities by yourself is necessary, to prevent them from overwhelming you and causing you to lose the game. The total number of levels that may be finished is thirty, and they are divided into three different difficulty levels.

There are a variety of objectives that you will need to accomplish while you are defending yourself from the bad guys. Some of these objectives include surviving for a preset amount of time or rescuing a certain number of citizens. Discover your exit and make your escape while preventing further loss of life and vanquishing as many Huggy Wuggles as you can!