Pixel Smash Duel

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Prepare to engage in combat with your limbs and weapons in Pixel Smash Duel. You may employ your weapon to compel your adversary to retreat, or leap, thereby disrupting his equilibrium, or to be pushed beyond the confines of the arena.

Maintain an upright position on the platform while using your projectiles to push your opponent off the stage and avoid falling into the abyss. No mercy will be extended during this match.

How to play

Dieses Game of Duels is enjoyable. On the same device, you can engage in vicious battles against the AI or another player. The setting of the initial level of the game is a terrace. To secure the overall victory in the contest, one must triumph in all five stages.

Kicks, twists, and the use of any available weapon are all acceptable. To control player 2, press the up-arrow key and the M-key; To control player 1, press the W and E keys. You must effectively drive your rival off the roof to win the round. You need to fight fearlessly and attain Level 5 before your opponents to prevail. By fighting to the death, be the first to reach the rooftop.


Pixelated and vibrant 2D-Graphics
Numerous Levels
Two-player mode is offered.
Innovative Pixel-Art and Gameplay

How to play

Commands for Player 1: „W, E“

Two-handed Player: „UP ARROW and M“