Parkour World 2

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Parkour World 2 is here to take you on an exciting and difficult journey. Conquer challenging routes meticulously designed to test the boundaries of your parkour abilities.

Pay close attention to how many steps you take and how long you jump! It might look like you need to be able to do crazy moves to get through the levels safely, but all you need is perfect timing. With jumps that range from safe to risky, each level gives you a new chance to show off your parkour skills and push yourself.

How to Play

Because each level is different and has its challenges, the game is always a fun and new journey. When you do parkour, every place is different, from high-rise buildings to winding roads.

At the end of each level, you must park your car and get diamonds from a prize chest. After you beat the first 10 levels, there will be a lot of tasks that will test your timing, speed, and sense of where things are in the room.

To feel the satisfaction that comes from doing something really hard and successful, you should work on your parkour skills and finish more difficult stages. See how fast you can finish each level to determine how good you are!


3D images that look amazing
An easy-to-use design
Lots of challenging levels and fun gameplay


Hold down the WASD keys to move.
Press the space bar to jump.
By holding down Shift.