Only Up Parkour 2

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In Only Up Parkour 2, you will have the ability to achieve new levels of success! Diese interesting Game has now reached the second half of its Entirety. To accomplish your mission, you will need to guide the main character through a perilous maze that is filled with obstacles.

To avoid falling down cliffs and colliding with objects, you will need to have quick thinking, the ability to leap with precise accuracy and skilled climbing skills. You are about to embark on an exciting journey, in which you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your parkour skills and test yourself with new obstacles at each level. 

How to Play

To complete this game, you must climb to a height of 500 meters while avoiding any potential dangers. Taken from the popular video game titled In this game, the user is tasked with guiding the protagonist across a vertical maze that is filled with obstacles. Utilize your agility and dexterity to navigate platforms that provide you with the ability to leap and conquer obstacles.

You must be quick on your feet, accurate with your leaps, and nimble with your climbs to avoid falling and colliding with objects. Throughout the game, the difficulty of the levels increases, and new problems, such as leaping platforms and obstacles, are introduced.

Through its breathtaking graphics, constantly shifting open landscape, and a myriad of free-running obstacles, this game reimagines parkour as it is performed in the virtual world context. You must complete the level by crossing the finish line before the time limit expires to advance through the levels.

How to play

Move with the WASD keys.
Jump in using the space bar.
Release means to shift.
E stands for „interact.“
P stands for „Pause.“