Obby Only Up Challenge

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Prepare for the adrenaline-fueled world of the Obby Only Up Challenge, where your agility and survival abilities will be put to the test. If you prefer games that blend platforming and survival themes, you will love the Obby Only Up Challenge.

In this fascinating game, you will need to utilize your parkour and jump skills to overcome extremely lofty tiers. Jumping from one map place to another, dodging gaps, and crossing narrow platforms for checkpoints is a lot of fun. Be aware, however, that these Levels are riddled with hidden traps and scary red blocks.

How to play

In this game, you will have to overcome a lot of difficult hurdles on your route to the conclusion. The first and most important rule is that we must not touch the lethal red bricks; doing so will result in calamity. Be on the lookout for carefully placed checkpoints around the landscape. Jumping on them may create a safety net that will transport you back to the nearest checkpoint if you fall or come across deadly red blocks. Be aware of the continually beeping timer, which is attempting to urge you to go quicker, and rely on carefully selected checkpoints to prevent having to restart your journey. What perils and secrets await you once you reach the peak?


How to play

WASD represents movement.
Shift: Run.
Space: Jump.
Escape. Pause.
Mouse: Overview.