Noob: Zombie Prison Escape

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Noob: Zombie Prison Escape goal is to escape from the prison as quickly as possible while dodging various hazards. The feeling of having convicts attack your cell goes beyond the prison's limitations. At every level, is there an exit?

How to play

Find the key and use it to get to the exit door in each level of this intriguing adventure game. Only then can you progress. However, this prison has many levels, and you must find a way to escape. Finding the golden key is a requirement at each level. The eternal inmates here will always find a way to capture you.

Armed with a reliable crossbow, you can vanquish these dangerous creatures and save Noob's life. To eliminate them from a distance, you can use both arrows and fists. The availability of objectives with torches makes for increasingly complex gameplay as you go.

It will engross you as you play through its ten distinct stages and six challenging missions. The levels will challenge you to use your platforming and problem-solving abilities. The adrenaline and thrill of navigating dangerous gaps, solving complex riddles, and avoiding lethal traps never get old.


Press the WASD key to move.
You use the space bar to leap.
Just hit the E key to make things move or disappear.
Aim and attack using the mouse.
You can switch weapons using the Q key, as well as shooting
and aim with the mouse.