Noob Nightmare Arcade

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In the entertaining skill game known as Noob Nightmare Arcade, the objective is to maintain your position on a balance pole perched atop a mountain for the longest amount of time possible.
Don't be alarmed; you're just having a nightmare. That's right, you've been playing free online games too much, and now they've crept their way into your dreams, where they are getting harder and harder for you to complete.

Tips 1

The challenge of maintaining balance while standing on a massive pole at the peak of the highest mountain sounds frightening. Now there will be fireballs that fall from the sky, the column will become invisible, and you will have to avoid an attack from a big knight.

Tips 2

Noob is sleeping. Trying to get it through the next 15 seconds of his Dream! - Noob is now in charge of some exciting tasks. - Noob will soon become a Pro in UFO. You will battle the Dark God; you will take on the role of the Noob of his dreams; the Noob will be found balancing in the mountains; and it will take you 15 seconds to complete each of the 32 challenges in the Noob's nightmare.