Mouse 2 Player Moto Racing

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Mouse 2 Player Moto Racing features some of the most difficult and unusual courses ever designed, which will have you racing through a metropolis. Gain an edge and defeat the competition by utilizing the numerous stimulants and items dispersed throughout the course in a strategic manner.

To secure victory in this pivotal competition, it is imperative that you accelerate as if cheese were at the finish line. Take pleasure in it!

How to play

You assume the command of an adventurous mouse that is capable of traveling at high speeds on its motorcycle. The road configuration will challenge your aptitude for navigating tight turns and maintaining traction on the bitumen. However, the cardboard barriers will alleviate some of the difficulties by virtue of their adaptable construction and movable positioning. You must still avoid colliding with obstacles and squandering time, in order to conclude the race for this level without regaining any ground. Dieser Racing-Game is comprised of 10 challenging stages. The game will reward you with coins redeemable for more powerful personas or levels of difficulty if you successfully complete a level without dying.


Vivid three-dimensional Imagery

A thrilling course is available for racing in two-player mode.

Playables that require unlocking