Mostly Only Up

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The parkour difficulties in Mostly Only Up are fascinating; you will have to ascend the highest peaks in a simulated three-dimensional landscape. While carrying out his objective, your character is now located in a three-dimensional universe.

Conquer the most difficult obstacles and make your way to the highest peaks in an unfamiliar environment. To what extent are you able to overcome obstacles?

How to Play

In this simulator game, you will be round with many skill tests. Your character is in a three-dimensional universe; You are tasked with assisting him in overcoming obstacles, such as walking on bridges and staircases, doing high leaps, and so on. On the other hand, make sure to pay attention to the required distance and plan leaps that are reasonable.

If you allow your character to disappear in space, you will have to begin the game all over again. The further you progress, the more talents you will need to have, and the more challenging the game will get.

If you want to achieve new heights, you need to pay attention to the high leaps. When you reach a high point, you will have the opportunity to investigate a great area. Can you say that you are prepared to tackle this difficult peak?