Monster Rash

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Monster Rash is a challenging and fun 2D platformer game with a ton of unique obstacles. You are going to have to overcome challenges by jumping on blocks. To unlock skin and make it available for purchase in the game store, you must first collect the stars.

Start playing right away to hone your reflexes and train your jumping ability to become the best.
In order to survive on the retro planet, the various creatures that make it must work together. Monsters have unexpectedly been transformed into cubes, and the only way for them to go through the level is to leap from one obstacle to the next while in their new form.

Collect stars while avoiding traps and jumping over obstacles. You need to gather the stars because you need to have twenty distinct monster costumes in your collection. You will have the opportunity to climb aboard a rocket and take flight in certain parts of the level. If you board the rocket, whatever outfit you are currently wearing will revert to its default form.


How to play

Mobile control is accessible. Just click or tap to play and jump. There are 20 various costumes. There are 5 different stages. Just Jump!