Miner Mole

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Venture into the Miner Mole subterranean gold mine and discover its secrets. You will become a billionaire with the gold mines you gain on this fantastic and entertaining quest, so do not be scared. While dodging dangerous spike traps, direct the character's digging abilities. What are your limits?

How to play

Would you like to become the most courageous and wealthy miner in the area? To guide your character to dig for land blocks while dodging spike traps, you will need to use the axe and left or right movement controls.


The exploration of brown soil blocks will be more laborious and time-consuming. Quick reflexes are essential for success in this high-stakes game. If you come into contact with the upper limit bar or the spikes, you forfeit your life and restart the adventure.

Gather as many gold coins as you can; more is better! Use them to spruce up your attire and acquire useful tools to level up faster. Conquer all of the hidden gold mines below the ground that no one else has found. Overcome any obstacles!