Minecraft Zombie Survival

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Aid his successful landing by eliminating all the boulders in Minecraft Zombie Survival. The individual is trapped atop a series of piled rock formations. Interact with and detonate all the blocks to assist him in safely reaching the ground. What is the maximum number of levels that you can successfully finish?

How to play

Your objective in this game is straightforward. Simply make contact with the rocks to trigger their explosion, so aiding his survival and facilitating a good landing. Nevertheless, at every tier, he will perch upon distinct layers of piled stone blocks. The game's complexity escalates when the blocks are positioned in a manner that hinders maintaining balance while detonating them.


Consider the order in which to detonate the rocks, and promptly contact the one that exhibits symmetry when both rocks are aligned. In the event that the youngster encounters misfortune, he will experience a loss of equilibrium, resulting in a fall, ultimately leading to the termination of the game. Ensure that you detonate all the blocks prior to his landing. There are several intricate and demanding levels awaiting your exploration.