Leggy Rush

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Leggy Rush challenges participants to overcome obstacles on a difficult course. Navigate as your character while gathering paws and evading perilous obstacles. As the number of feet amassed increases, so does the character's velocity and the number of points accrued upon crossing the finish line. What is your level of passing capacity?

How to play

In Leggy Rush, expect a thrilling challenge. You must touch or drag the screen to move the character to the left and right to avoid perilous obstacles.

There are numerous obstacles in each level, such as moving swords, thorns, and blades. Immediately learn how to exert control over your character; do not permit negligence to occur. Permit your character to collide with any obstacles, and they will progressively deprive you of your legs.

Nevertheless, to restore it, one must gather the limb in transit. The greater your leg strength, the more quickly you will cross the finish line. Determine how many points you can earn. In the store, you can use those credits to purchase character upgrades. Resolve the challenging levels that remain.