Humans Playground

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With Humans Playground, you have the opportunity to express your creative side by bringing a wide range of chaotic situations to reality. To create creative and occasionally odd circumstances, you will have the opportunity to play with a wide variety of goods and instruments.

You may put the tool at your disposal to good use by first constructing a scenario and then observing it come to life. You will be able to test out a variety of wild experiments and examine the outcomes, which will offer you the perfect opportunity to express your creativity while having a great time.

How to Play

Within the confines of this sandbox game, you are free to discover at your own pace. At your disposal, you have access to a vast range of arms, explosives, medical supplies, and even superpowers. There are a variety of objects that may be placed on the map by each of them. The object that you wish to place on the map can be selected by clicking on it an additional two times.


Something is going to show up. In addition to tossing and combining them, you may also set off magnificent domino effects, or you can simply let your imagination run wild as you play about with the ragdolls and interact with their surroundings.

People, objects, and weapons should be dispersed around the whole map. You can pick up some things that you have put on the map by pressing and holding the screen while moving the mouse back and forth. The menu should then be used to configure the interactions between the items. Additionally, you can play with a variety of effects, such as flames, explosions, and thunder! Take pleasure in the experience!


Lovely pictures that are only two-dimensional.
Easy-to-use menu system
Exciting gameplay
A lot of things to arrange.
Different characters that can be played