Hobo: Prison Brawl

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Hobo: Prison Brawl is a fighting game in which you take on the role of a homeless prisoner who has had enough of his accommodations and is now prepared to win the fight against everyone else so that he can finally get out of this place.

As you attempt to escape, you will need to vanquish the other inmates and the guards, and you will need to acquire new combos so that you can inflict even more suffering and torment on them. The objective of Hobo Prison Brawl is for the players to assist Hobo in evading capture by launching attacks against other inmates and the security staff.

How to play

Players are able to avoid the pursuit of the police and convicts by punching, hitting, spitting, throwing things, and other similar actions. When a player levels up, they are given the ability to perform combos and a password that allows them to continue playing the game from where they initially left off.


Use the arrow keys to move
A is for hitting things or picking them up.
R is for stone.