Hobo 4 Total War

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The fourth installment of the Hobo 4 Total War, is now available. Diese Zeit, he has the audacity to try to take on an entire army at once. As the fight has only just begun, you must slaughter everyone you can see.

As you play the part of a fighting hobo that is up against the world in the fourth episode of the Hobo Series, be ready for some intense action, as you take on the character of the protagonist. Everyone hopes that the hobo will meet an untimely end, but our cherished character is not going to go quietly. 

As you make your route through the streets, you will need to defend yourself against swarms of foes while using a farting weapon and engaging in war hobo style. It will take a combination of powerful strikes, kicks, and special powers to take out the many groups of US Army foes that you will face in each level.


How to play

Arrow keys for movement; A, S, and D for attacks; A for lifting stuff; Pause with the P-key.