Grand Bank: Robbery Duel

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The game Grand Bank: Robbery Duel is a shooting competition between you and a formidable adversary. You are cordially invited to participate in this contest. Engage in continuous shooting at your adversary while moving your arms in a continuous motion.

When your shots are more accurate, you will be able to defeat your opponents more quickly, before they can destroy you. Keep an eye on the life bar to devise a smart shooting plan. Have a good time!

How to play

Are you ready to demonstrate that you have the best shooting abilities in the world? You play the role of a notorious bank robber in the city, and the game has you join in a bank robbery. You may find yourself in a variety of settings during the game, but the objective is always the same: aim your weapon and eliminate your adversaries before they can fire you.

Put out of your mind the possibility of using a standard cursor. In its place, you should gradually raise the hand of the character by making use of the recoil of the firearm. Pressing the left mouse button will cause an attack to be launched. You may hit your target with pinpoint accuracy by pressing the trigger at the best possible moment. You will be able to finish the level if you eliminate all of the life bars that your opponent has.

In each level, you will have the opportunity to investigate a variety of settings, and once you have completed each level, you will be rewarded with cash. Use them to enhance and increase the performance of your weapons. If you complete all twenty levels, you will become the most dreaded thief!