Gorilla Adventure

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Gorilla Adventure is going to take you on an exciting journey through a stunning neon universe, so come prepared for it! Discover a city that is home to the one-of-a-kind and gigantic architecture of a new world.

The objective of this game is to direct the character to advance with the hammer through flooded roads or even climb a giant rock! Where are you able to go?

How to Play

You can find the strength to make use of your hands' dexterity and strength to exert control over the character's movement with the hammer. The motion is comparable to that of It's Time to Uncover the Mysteries Hidden Deep Within a StrangeCurrently, an iron box confines your character, making mobility extremely challenging.

Hard by taking one those who have persevered will receive the recompense they deserve at the end of the path. Are you able to rule it out and investigate it?