goemetry vertical (poligon dash)

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In the realm of side-scrolling platformers, goemetry vertical (poligon dash) offers an exciting and engaging experience. The distinctive gameplay and variety of game options make this variation in the popular Geometry Dash stand out.

Players in the goemetry vertical (poligon dash) need lightning reflexes and timing to overcome difficult hurdles. Successfully navigating these obstacles is key to the finest game gameplay mechanics. Because a single slip-up resets the clock to zero, every action counts.

You may test your talents in a variety of settings, adding depth to the gameplay. In mobile cube mode, players may avoid obstacles by swiping right or left, and in rocket mode, they can change the direction by holding and releasing the touch screen. Playing in this mode will put your skills in controlling both speed and angle to the test.


How to play

In mobile mode, you may glide from lane to lane. In rocket mode, you can alter the angle by holding down the touch screen and releasing it. Vehicles: Use the right or left swipe to change the window mode. Cubes: Use the A or D keys to change the lane mode. Rocket: m = angle p, and p = left mouse button down