Geometry Dash World

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Engage in a vibrant world and listen to captivating music while transitioning between platforms in an exhilarating fashion. Let us now begin our expedition! How far are you capable of traveling?

How to play

Choose an icon that speaks to you to commence, then choose a game mode. The objective is to direct your character through a variety of appealing stages while they leap over a myriad of obstacles. You must conquer all the levels.

To cater to players with diverse skill levels, levels are designed in a progressive difficulty fashion. Utilize the up-arrow key, click or select the spacebar to manipulate the cube quickly. Despite this, considerable effort will be required to attain mastery of this game. Successfully traversing the game's difficult levels ultimately demands a blend of agility, dexterity, and a minimum degree of precision in geometric manipulation.

Vigilantly attend and remain vigilant to challenges, to expeditiously surmount them. Dies will prevent the need to revisit the game and commence from the beginning. To refine your skills, transition to practice mode. In practice mode, it is possible to experiment with various sections of the level without having to initially commence it. One can employ this approach to acquire knowledge of group configuration and hone challenging jump maneuvers.