FNF vs Irresponsible Dad (Happy Wheels)

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The FNF vs Irresponsible Dad (Happy Wheels) matchup is one you will not want to miss if you are a fan of the show. An adaptation of two classic video games that previously enthralled a large audience.

A perilous and exciting conflict awaits Boyfriend in this game as he faces off against Happy Wheels, the game's careless father. Take part in risky and aggressive racing alongside your child. Be careful not to miss too many hazardous hazards at once. So, what is your limit?

How to play

 The songs "Bottle Run," and "Blood Shed" are sure to get your jam on. As he befriended BF in the FNF universe, a hero from Happy Wheels plotted to challenge him to a rhythm fight. Try to outdo the negligent father in every way you can.

Amid exciting music, test your incredible abilities. To win, you must squeeze him hard and hit him with every arrow. Press the buttons precisely when two identical figures touch. Remember that you will most likely meet your demise as a result of your carelessness. Do not allow the terrifying enemies to prevent you from enjoying yourself!