FNAF Shooter

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The FNAF Shooter is a video game that falls under the genre of first-person shooters. The objective of the game is to successfully defend and safeguard the planet Earth from an invasion of animatronic entities.

The objective of the first-person shooter FNAF Shooter is to prevent the global takeover of the world by animatronics while attempting to survive.


With Fnaf Shooter, the action-packed game genre is perfectly at home. It incorporates features of both shooters and horror titles. Those interested in action games, that will put their skills to the test, need no further.
The actual gameplay is remarkably identical to that of prior installments in the FNAF series. The primary distinction between this chapter and the previous one is that in this one the player is equipped with a firearm.


Mouse = Investigate
WasD equals motion
W plus Shift equals Run.
Space equals leap
Shooting (left mouse button)
Hold the right mouse button to the target.
Wheel of the mouse = previous/next weapon
Weapon Hotkeys (1-7)
R equals recharge
G = Detonate a Mortar