Flying Man 3D

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Flying Man 3D gives you the ability to engage in the most crazy activities to eliminate artificial intelligence invaders. Assume the role of a neon hero who possesses abilities and takes on tasks.

To demolish and avoid a future Robot War, you need to go on the bow and attach your body to it, so that you may fling yourself as high as possible and expand your numbers as rapidly as possible. It is important to aim carefully for a high flight that can reach the individuals who are multiplying numbers above you. Can you successfully execute this assignment to save the world?

How to Play

Prepared to engage in combat with this artificial intelligence invader? On the opposite side of the circle, you will find a large number of hostile invaders ready for you to confront them. Demonstrate the tremendous power that a human superhero possesses. Position your body so that it is on the bow, and then fly as high and as far as you can.

Your goal should be to capture the additional circles in the sky; doing so will enable you to expand the number of heroes in your army. It is in your best interest to bring in as many individuals as you can; the bigger your winning percentage, the better. After you have landed, your army will engage in combat with the other team in a circle. You will get the opportunity to experience the sensation of flying high in the sky with stunning visuals that will make the whole game experience more engaging. To what extent are you able to fulfill the global rescue levels?