Flip Master

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To properly reach the bed in Flip Master, you will need to do a series of flips. You are tasked with jumping on various things that are located within a room, and the bed is the ultimate objective of this game.

Engage in somersaults and leaps while you are in the air to maintain your equilibrium on items. Stay away from the Earth at all costs. Which number of rankings are you able to finish?

How to Play

During this game, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your ability to jump and dive. Some of the items in the room are a cupboard, a light, a microwave, lipstick, and the bed, which serves as the last point. Your job is to assist him in climbing up on various items in the house so that he gets to his bed. To be able to reach and stand on the item, you will need to make an estimate of the distance and then leap and double jump at the necessary times. Do everything in your power to prevent the individual from falling to the ground; if you do, the game will be over. There is a wide variety of challenging levels for you to investigate.


How to play

To leap, click once, and to double jump, be sure you click twice or more.