Evil Non Scary Horror Game Adventure

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The Evil Non Scary Horror Game Adventure is a unique twist on the horror genre that includes the undead nun as a playable character on the game's roster of characters.

The difficulty of surviving at a school that is guarded by a terrifying demonic nun who possesses hearing that is beyond human comprehension. Because the monster nun is close on your heels, you have no choice but to leave. On the off chance that she discovers you, she will put a stop to your escape journey.

How to play

You must locate areas where you can conceal yourself from the nun, who may be hiding anywhere: from the grounds of the school to the farm to the parking lot. Two examples of bending weapons that may be utilized for solving puzzles are chewing candy guns and exploding dolls. Both of these have the potential to be employed.

Your soul must be saved, you must escape death, and you must solve riddles to prevent being defeated by the nun who has passed away. Take precautions to avoid being attacked by the monstrous being that will suddenly appear. Because the ghostly nun will follow the sound to your position, you should avoid making any noise when you are around her.