Drunken Wrestle

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Win an exciting battle at Drunken Wrestle to become the best fighter. With your physical strength, are you ready to beat tough opponents? To beat the people in the stands, you will need to be strong and smart.

Do not let your head hit the ground, or you will lose. Grab your opponent and hit them in the head with something before they hit you. Ask your friends to play with you and test them.

How to play

You are ready to fight in a range of wrestling situations. To win, you have to beat your opponent with an up-arrow. The person who makes it through five rounds wins. At the very top of the screen, to the left and right, you can see two clear stars that stand for the two players. When you win a round, your star will show up there. If you are sure you can beat the AI, choose „1 Player“ mode and finish the job. You can visit a new, fun background stage any time you beat a level. Check it out right now to see if you can handle the task of going up the success ladder! Best wishes to you!


Two-dimensional Vector-Drawings that look good
One-player and two-player modes
A battle that never ends to enjoy
An exciting and interesting game


Player 1: Press the up button.
Press the "W" key, player 2.