Drunken Table Wars

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Drunken Table Wars this new game puts your strength and tug-of-war prowess to the test. To demonstrate their prowess and strength, participants will engage in a ferocious tug-of-war.

Nevertheless, this game of tug-of-war is anything but ordinary; it features intriguing variations. To win a table-pulling competition, two individuals will attempt to draw the table in their direction. Each match will introduce additional obstacles and difficulties to add intrigue and excitement to the game. Develop a strategic game plan to achieve victory.

How to Play

Are you prepared to participate in this thrilling competition? The enthusiastic and fervent applauding audience in the stands expects you to deliver without disappointing them.

Demonstrate your strengths and abilities in tug-of-war. Aim to draw the table toward you as fast as possible, preceding your opponent. Successful completion of five levels will result in victory.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to consider that throughout each level, the game will present unique items—for instance, explosives and weights that descend onto the table—which have the potential to alter the advantage and thereby increase the difficulty and challenge of the game. It is now time to demonstrate your prowess, devise a distinct playing strategy, and shrewdly defeat your opponents to secure victory.

There are two possible game modes: single-player and two-player. Engage in single-player practice using the CPU. Conversely, you can challenge others in a two-player mode. Quick key manipulation and an effective item-using strategy are two tips that can significantly facilitate your victory. Have a pleasure!


How to play

To operate Player 1, press "W" or touch the display.
"UP ARROW" or "Touch the Screen" for Player 2.