Drunken Archers Duel

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You are welcome to join the fight in the forest between two famous shooters in the Drunken Archers Duel. To exterminate your enemies and show off your best archery skills, try to aim the shot right at them.

Before letting go of the arrow, figure out the exact angle you need to shooting at the right enemy. Exterminate your enemies by shooting them correctly multiple times! Are you ready to be the best shot in the area?

How to play

Get ready to become a famous forest shooter. Players will be up against tall trees in lush greenery with a beautiful setting. Before letting go of the arrow, figure out the right shot angle while holding the bow and arrow.

Figure out the best way for the bow and arrow to hit the enemy and take away all of their life bars. Exterminate them before they can beat you. Try to get the first five points to become the winner, archer.

Our shooters are akin to intoxicated individuals, unable to remain still, thereby intensifying the difficulty of the game. This makes it harder to keep the bow and shot straight. However, it's crucial to avoid complicating matters and causing disappointment to your team.


Hold down the left mouse button and release it to shooting.