Deep Space Horror: Outpost

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The exciting video game Deep Space Horror: Outpost is a shooter where players have to get energy cells and exterminate all the enemies in the game. There is no more energy for you to use in your rocket.

The existence of a deep space base is a favorable development for you. In order to advance in your Quest, it is necessary to obtain a total of eight Energy Cells. But it's not that simple. The residents of the station have left. Only one thing remains on the station, and it isn't even a person—it's a spirit that kills people! Best wishes!


How to play

W A S D to move and look around. Look about with the mouse. Press the left mouse button. To aim, press the right mouse button. The mouse wheel lets you change guns. A to Z: Throwing bombs To load, press R, and to pick up items, press F. Change to Run on the Left: Left CTRL to Duck X to Prone V to Melee Space to Jump Left Shift to crouch, X to prone, V to smash, and space to jump.