Crazy Flasher 3

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Crazy Flasher 3 is a highly engaging fighting game. Eliminate and neutralize all mutant entities, in order to prevent potential harm to oneself. Engage in a financial endeavor to acquire funds for the purpose of purchasing additional weaponry. 

Dieses Game offers zwei distinct gameplay modes: Story mode und Deathmatch. The story mode will consist of five distinct narratives that players must overcome, while the deathmatch mode will offer a total of 42 stages, each of which presents a unique obstacle for the player to overcome. 

One has the ability to engage in activities such as running, punching, kicking, and jumping. One intriguing aspect of this game is the ability to utilize the ultimate skill.
The controls in the experiment were implemented to ensure that any observed effects were not due to random.


How to play

The WASD keys are utilized for movement.

The objective of the individual is to engage in offensive actions or acquire weaponry.

The action of jumping is denoted by the letter „N".

In order to utilize the „Special" feature, it is necessary to follow a specific set of instructions.

Pressing the spacebar can be utilized to alternate between different weapons.