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Prepare to engage in a classic struggle against foes in ContraDiction. Transform into a proficient battle soldier with advanced weapons. You will go through the classical universe with authentic sounds that will elicit an incredible thrill.

Begin your quest by utilizing a gun to bring down the enemy's army of horror machines. Show off your fighting skills and prove you are a skilled soldier!

How to play

Prepare to immerse oneself in the traditional ambiance and sounds of intense fighting in contradiction. You aim to become a warrior and combat the evil Dr. Hiroshita and his army of horror machines, who are wreaking havoc everywhere. They can assault you from any direction, from the air to the ground. So, always keep yourself aware and refuse to be beaten by your negligence. Use various forms of high-tech weapons to combat and defeat opponents to destroy them more effectively. Don't forget to acquire power-ups to boost your internal strength and progress to higher levels. What number of challenging levels can you finish?


Retro-style shooting game with a CRT television screen.
Various enemies
Beautiful sounds and musical effects.
Use arrow keys for movement and aim, Z for shooting, and X for jumping.