Big City Battle

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The Big City Battle will invite you to participate in epic battles within the city. Your opponents will be the target of your powerful attacks, which will allow you to demonstrate your polished combat skills.

You should avoid, jump, and then use a hard kick to knock down your opponents. Take extra precautions, however, to evade your opponent's assaults promptly. Are you capable of becoming the ultimate victor?

How to play

In the game Big City Greens, you will be facing a challenging battle. Where you will compete against a large number of formidable adversaries. Choose the player you wish to represent, and initiate the battle immediately. Ensure you have finished your grandma's training course before you start competing. The talents, controls for jumping and kicking, and several hints that will assist you in becoming a great fighter are as follows: Following your instruction, it is time to demonstrate your abilities. Either you play the game by yourself with the computer or you can play it with your friends in the two-player mode. If you want to win, you need to deal more hits to your opponent, which will cause them to lose more health points. You must win the game two-thirds of the time. In addition, you can launch combination attacks, which will allow you to double your power by defeating your opponents with greater attacks.


You can evade attacks by rushing backward using the letter A.
To launch an attack and rush to the right, use the D key on your keyboard.
Make use of the W key to execute the most effective attack, including a double jump.
To deliver a forceful kick, press the S key on your keyboard.
As soon as you notice that the meter is full, you can execute a special attack by pressing the spacebar.