Baldi's Basics 2

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Enjoy the continuation of the thrilling and dangerous game based on well-known instructional games from the 1990s. Baldi's Basics 2 goal is for you to depart from a school run by a psychotic instructor named Baldi.

You are imprisoned at a school with Baldi, a charming man who places a high value on education. He intends for you to face repercussions for your mistakes while you are still learning. He will follow you across campus with a heavy ruler if you get in his path. He'll move out of the path if you don't. While you're being chased by the bullies at school, they'll try to stop you. As a result, if you want to get out of that horror place, you must be aware of all of the potential hazards.

In addition, your character is tasked with locating seven notebooks that went missing while on a trip to see a buddy. To make the escape mission go more smoothly, you must enhance your bonuses while also collecting a variety of goodies. To avoid being kicked out by Professor Baldi, use your arithmetic skills to finish all of the questions in the allocated time.

Act quickly because Baldi, the huge and senile old guy, is close behind you with his ruler. Look for books, improvements, and other items that will help you avoid Baldi and get away from him. Baldi's Basics 2 is an enjoyable game. Everyone, have a pleasant day playing Baldi's Basics 2!

How to play

When playing computer games, you should use the keyboard and mouse. Use the WASD keys on your keyboard to move your character around; the mouse to gaze around; and the Shift key to run.