Balcony Diving

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Balcony Diving presents daring travelers with an especially thrilling pool diving challenge. Joining in this extraordinary summer vacation adventure sport is now possible at any time and in any location. After leaping from the hotel balcony, attempted to land securely in the pool.

Doing so will award you with points and grant you access to additional levels. Points are awarded for popping objects. You are capable of achieving a high score and a tremendous leap if you target accurately.

How to play

Your objective is to safely descend from the balcony to the pool while accumulating bonuses, just as the floater and other divers do. You must engage in intelligent gameplay to advance. There are numerous objects, including beach ball and crocodiles, in the pool below; You will receive bonus points if you strike any of them.

By exploding those items, one can prevent the ferocious green crocodile from consuming them in its entirety. Incorporate supplementary impressive maneuvers, such as somersaults and extended flight duration, into your descent to render it comprehensive.

Keep a close observation of it, as it is oscillating in both directions. Individuals with a phobia of heights or untamed animals are not advised to participate in this game. Are you committed and prepared to achieve success?

There are perilous tasks in this game that ought to be avoided in practice.


How to play

Mouse Control for Navigation
Left mouse button: Interact/SelectDrop and drag to leap