Awesome Tanks 3

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Prepare to engage in a ferocious conflict in Awesome Tanks 3. Pilot a battle tank and destroy your opponent's tanks and mechanical vehicles. Experience the energizing and lively atmosphere. There are eighteen distinct levels of intricate maps. Become the preeminent survival victor!

How to play

Currently, assemble your battle tank in preparation for a fierce conflict. The opponent's army is enormous and formidable. Your goal is to engage in intense combat to capture all hostile tanks and cannons, as well as the machines that produce new tanks. Arm yourself with the most astute combat strategy possible. Destroy monsters and hostile tanks while vigilantly monitoring the military map, hiding, and engaging in combat to uncover hidden areas. You must allocate the funds you acquire towards weapon upgrades and strength gains. As you progress through eighteen challenging levels, you will hear the thrilling sound of gunfire.


Moves using WASD and keyboard arrows. Press the Click the Shooting button on the on-screen game controls on mobile devices.


Tricks and recommendations
Utilize the maze-like maps that correspond to each level to evade the tanks' fire and approach them from behind.
Avoid hostile firearms and prevent yourself from being blasted by smithereens.