Vex 6

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This parkour-based platformer has reached its sixth installment with the release of VEX 6! Your stickman will need to jump and slide his way through nine new acts and nine new hard acts. Each act comes to a close with the "vexation" stage, which is the final stage to be completed.

Be sure to pick up the money scattered along the path you're taking if you want to unlock all 64 available stickman skins. You want to acquire additional coins, right?

After that, return to VEX 6 on a daily basis to finish the daily chores and participate in the daily bonus level. Because it now operates at a higher resolution and 60 frames per second, VEX 6 looks just great.


How to play

To maneuver your character in the game, you can use the arrow keys or the WASD keys on your keyboard. While using a mobile device, use the left and right arrow buttons, as well as the Jump and Slide on-screen controls.