Uphill Rush 8

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Exciting new content has been added to the Uphill Rush game series with the release of the eighth iteration, Uphill Rush 8. Pick afloat and compete with your friends down the wildest slides in the waterpark.

In this action game, you can compete with other players on a variety of risible floats by going up and down a number of crazy waterslides. If you fall from one of these tall tube chutes, things won't end well for you, so make an effort to keep the float balanced.

The objective of each crazy ride is to make it to the finish line without having your float capsize and send you plunging into the pool below. With the coins you get from swimming through the maze, you can buy new floats and improve your swimmer.


How to play

Hold down the left and right arrow keys until the tire is balanced.
Use the up and down arrow keys to change the speed of the game.
To receive a boost, press the spacebar.