Two Bike Stunts

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Incredible motorcycles are displayed on the stage during the show "Two Bike Stunts." You may ride 8 different motorcycles on 2 large maps. The garage comes fully equipped with three bicycles, each of which is locked.

To ride the motorcycles that are locked, you need to collect the coins that are scattered over the map.

You can do dozens of different acrobatics on the ramps that are spread over two different maps. You can further customize the appearance of the bikes you have earned by applying one of several skins to them.

On winding roads, you must remember to use your nitro in order to keep your bike on the road!


How to play

Player 1 is "ARROW KEYS." Nitro: "N" Camera: "C," "W, A, S, D" is the move for Player 2. Nitro: "T"; Camera: "Q." Level Restart: "R"

To play this game, you can either use a mouse or a touchpad.