Top Speed Racing 3D

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Prepare yourself for the most difficult and exciting racing experience of your life in Top Speed Racing 3D. This game will take you as far as you can go. At each difficulty level and perplexing challenge, you will be put to the test. You'll have the ability to perform incredible stunts like a seasoned veteran.

If you want to make money, you should strive to take part in as many events as you possibly can. But that's not all; you'll also have a fantastic time customizing your vehicle with stylish accessories thanks to the many options available to you.

This game allows you to select your vehicle, make modifications to it, go for a spin, and even pull off some impressive stunts. It's all right in front of you! Begin playing right away for FREE and learn a completely new and innovative way to race cars!

How to play

The arrow keys, or WASD, are used to race, break, and move left and right.

The space bar is used to break. LShift and RSShift are used to activate Nitro.