Tanuki Sunset

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In Tanuki Sunset, the player controls a panda and skates downhill on a synth-wave-themed path along the coast. The game is played in the third person.

Drift down the course you've been given, navigating tight bends as you gather Tanuki Bits, fill your Bonus Roulette Meter, and work to rack up as many points as you can.

Frequent wonder.  To get the highest possible score, you need to get some airtime, stay clear of automobiles and other obstacles, and test your luck by getting as close as possible to the walls and corners of the playing field.

Learn to control the board as you ride it along the sandy beaches of Sunset Island, through bustling city streets, and through breathtaking mountain ranges.

Drifting regularly.  Maximize your score by spending some time in the air, dodging automobiles and other obstacles while getting dangerously close to the game's walls and edges in the hopes of scoring near-misses and squeezes.