Super Thrower

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Get ready to unleash total chaos on the battlefield and cement your position as the unrivaled leader of the Super Thrower class. A very fast-paced action game that tests both your reflexes and your ability to think strategically.

If you move your character so that they are standing in front of an adversary or an object, they will immediately and with devastating force launch it at their pursuers. You will have to fight your way through a wide selection of difficult levels. Is it important to you to demonstrate, how refined your tastes are?

How to play

Super Thrower is an engaging game that will put your aim as well as your intellect to the test as it takes you through a series of increasingly difficult levels. Simply pointing your character in the direction of an opponent or an object can cause them to throw it with tremendous force. Because of the unending variety of the levels and the specific challenges that each one presents, there is never a dull moment. Experiment with different skins so that you may express your unique personality. Your player avatar can be selected from a wide variety of stylish outfits during gameplay. You will be able to toss with more grace and power if you use Super Thrower.