Super Buddy Kick

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Super Buddy Kick is a blazing star in the world of clicker games, and it invites you to enter a world filled with frantic fury and cathartic conquests. The diese game is designed to get your heart pounding and your adrenaline pumping, making it ideal for those times when you feel like you need to let off some steam that seems to be out of control.

Once again, the most entertaining action game is here to assist you in relieving tension in an unorthodox manner. If you are successful in eliminating the Buddyman, he will reappear when you have completed using any of the weapons and technologies that are available to you. Buddyman serves as an object, onto which you can focus your aggression without actually causing any harm to yourself or others. Make the most of the opportunity.


How to play

Playing with a mouse or touch input on a desktop computer or mobile device.