Stretch Guy

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In the thrilling game Stretch Guy, the player is tasked with guiding the protagonist towards his objective through the manipulation of his appendages. Extend the appendages of your character in order to traverse obstacles and finish levels. Pull him back not too far, or he may shatter!

How to play

You will assume the form of a stick figure in this game and must use all of its appendages to scale a vertical surface. You will have the task of managing the appendages of the characters, as they ascend and make their way to the summit. However, be wary of wall fissures, as they may provide access to your demise. The Missions in this Game progress in Difficulty, as the Level progresses. Commence the game and demonstrate your prowess.



Traits of an agitated individual

Engaging and Intuitive Gameplay

Varying levels featuring a multitude of distinct map kinds

Appealing Intelligence