Stickman Draw the Bridge

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Stickman Draw the Bridge and create a line in such a way that the stickman will be able to cross it like a bridge. Develop your sense of logic and your brain by practicing creative line drawing. Your goal should be to complete all of the levels and save Stickman!


Addictive as well as calming.
Entertaining and productive use of one's time
A straightforward physical system
Put your brain faculties to work.
Put your imagination to the test.
Combining sketching games and logic challenges in a straightforward but entertaining way
Your brain will be put to the test to see how well it knows about inventive approaches to finding solutions to issues. Get right into the fun and challenging world of stickman puzzles!


How to play

Construct a path to transport the car to the finish line. Make sure your road doesn't damage the stickman you need to carry. Answers to a single level can come in more than one form.