Skibidi Toilet Escape

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Welcome to the Skibidi Toilet Escape! Get away from the terrifying skibidi and use the suction cup, or run away from the skibidi toilets. Locate the door to escape, collect the weapons and hearts, and then find the door. Put yourself through your paces and complete all the levels. enjoy!

"Toilet Skibidi Escape" is a 3D arcade game in which you will strive to make your great escape while navigating a series of exciting obstacles in order to complete the game. Put your nimbleness and your expertise to use in order to pass any challenge that stands in your way.

Your advancement is contingent on achieving a predetermined set of requirements at each level. Are you capable of overcoming the challenges and doing what you set out to do? The only way forward is to demonstrate your intelligence and dexterity.

Can you make your escape through all levels?


How to play

On the desktop, you can move using the WASP or Arrow Keys, and you can shooting by pressing Space. On the mobile device, you move using the joystick and shooting by tapping.